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Hi, I’m John. I am forty-eight, the third of twelve children. I grew up in a large Latter-day Saint family, living mostly in smaller branches of the church in Canada. I have pioneer ancestors dating back to the early days of the church.

I served a mission in Wisconsin, and also served in may callings, including leadership of Young Men’s, Elder’s Quorum, High Priest’s Quorum, and the Bishopric. I also served as a teacher in primary and Sunday school. For my vocation, I work with computer systems, and enjoy the great people I get to meet and interact with in my job. I have many hobbies and interests, including white water kayaking, and playing the guitar.

I am Mormon because I was born and raised in this tradition. Although my faith has transitioned to something beyond the orthodox church, Mormonism will always be a part of my identity, and Mormon teachings will always be woven into the fabric of my faith. Some of these influences are the belief in personal revelation, a personal relationship with heavenly parents, the blessings of service and giving, and striving to love and not judge others.

I am very aware that I represent many privileged groups. It humbles me to consider how my life has been richly blessed by the influence of faithful women, including my wife, former wife, mother, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and countless teachers, and leaders. I believe that we all would benefit from allowing all who desire to serve as leaders and administrators, and to officiate in the sacred rites and ordinances of the priesthood. In a church whose lifeblood is the belief of being led by ongoing revelation, the opening of the priesthood could very well be one of the “many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God” that is yet to be revealed. I believe women should be ordained.