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My life has been deeply blessed by my associations with strong, capable, thoughtful, loving women.

I believe that women have unique talents, abilities, and perspectives – and that all of us suffer when women are not fully empowered parts of our leadership teams. I believe that we would have less poverty, conflict, war, and injustice if women were given equal influence and decision-making power in our churches/synagogues/mosques, governments, schools, and businesses.

I believe that we only reach half of our potential as a society when women are subjugated to second-class status.

I believe that one of the most beautiful teachings of Mormonism is that God is both female and male. I am saddened that we seem to have forgotten this teaching, as a people, in 2013. Where is Heavenly Mother in public Mormon discourse today? I cannot find Her anywhere.

I believe that Joseph Smith was moving the church towards the direction of full female empowerment — and that we have lost our way since.

I do not believe that female power and authority derive from male-based power and authority in any way, shape, or form.

I love that the church currently teaches women to obtain all of the education that they possibly can.

In General Conference and at church – I want to hear more from our women; not merely their echoing of male pronouncements… but their own original beliefs, feelings, writings, prophecies, and revelations.  I desperately want to hear more authentic quotes from inspiring women in church talks and lessons.

I firmly believe that only women should be allowed to conduct personal “worthiness” interviews of our young women (if such interviews are to be conducted at all). I believe that we would have less sexual abuse in the church if women were allowed to interview our young women. I do not believe that our young women should be blamed in any way for the impure thoughts of our young men.

When I see all male leadership in the stands, it makes me sad…for my daughters, and for everyone else’s as well. I want our daughters to see through the composition of the church leadership structure that they are every bit as capable to lead, and to inspire, as their male counterparts.

I believe that women would make wonderful prophets, apostles, 70s, stake presidents, bishops, and counselors.

I sincerely admire other churches that have already made this change. On this issue, as on so many important social issues, we seem to always lag 20-30 years behind as a church. I must ask: what is the value of prophesy, seership, and revelation – – if we are unwilling to use it? Where is the continuing revelation in this church, today?

I believe that our church would become more compassionate and inclusive, and less prideful, if women were equally valued and fully empowered. We need this change – for our own sake.

This is why I believe that women should be ordained.