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I’m a Mormon physician-scientist.  I’m proud to say that I think Mormon women ought to hold the priesthood.

About me:

I’d have to say that being a Mormon is the single most important part of my identity–more than nationality, profession, or anything else for that matter. BYU was the only college I ever considered attending.  I have fond memories of playing church ball while I was growing up in Utah County, and less fond memories of Scout campouts in the snow.  Somehow I avoided rabbit hunting with the Scouts, but everyone was cool about it.  I served a mission in Russia.  It was great–cold, but great.  Being a Mormon is very important to me although my job has interfered with my church activity at times.  I am horribly imperfect, but I try to make the world a better place.

Why I think women should be ordained:

The Mormon Church is great at empowering its members, and the priesthood serves as a vehicle for that empowerment.  It’s not the people’s decision as to whether women should hold the priesthood, just like it wasn’t the people’s decision to end polygamy or lift the ban on black men holding the priesthood, and so I write this without any illusion as to whether the people hold influence over revelations received by Church leaders.

Throughout history, religion has consistently served to inspire people and bind them together, making bad people good and good people better.   Unfortunately, religion also frequently ends up on the wrong side of history.  At times our faith has been no exception.

I’ve heard a broad variety of explanations for why women don’t have the priesthood yet.  I find those explanations to be bizarre.  I fail to see why gender ought to determine whether a person should hold authority in a church.

Fortunately, we have a living faith, led by good, inspired men who strive to do what’s right and seek the Lord’s guidance.

We also have a faith that teaches great principles like eternal progression.  For women to receive the priesthood would be just one more indication that we are progressing.