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Hi, I’m Joshua. I am a husband, father, medical student and a Mormon. I currently serve as my ward’s nursery music chorister. I enjoy studying, cooking with my wife, and wrestling with my two little boys.

I believe women should be ordained for two primary reasons. First, when I hear comparisons made between motherhood and the priesthood it saddens me. In my opinion there is no quicker way to minimize the role of fatherhood and the place that I play in my home life. Motherhood and fatherhood are parallel roles, the priesthood shouldn’t factor into that equation. Second, I believe that women should have the reasonable expectation to disclose private matters (“talk with the bishop”) with another woman, not an assigned male.

Simply put, women should have an equal voice in how the church is run, and not have their views superseded or devalued by men. The only way I reasonably see this happening is through female ordination. I believe women should be ordained.