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My name is Josie, I have two younger siblings, and right now I’m in a YSA ward at my university studying global studies. I’ve been the church choir director for the last year and a half, but I just got called to be a relief society teacher. Right now, I work as a barista in a very small Starbucks. I’m Mormon because it’s my culture—I was raised here, my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and some great-greats are all LDS. To me, the greatest thing about the gospel is our open canon; we have a unique capability in our doctrine for new revelation! We always have more to learn.

I recently had an experience with some minor and unintentional harassment in the church from an upper-level official (that was assuredly not limited to me). When asked what I thought may help to prevent the problem in the future, I felt unable to give the answer I knew that I should. One of the only sure ways to curb sexual harassment is to have more women in positions of power within an organization. How could I tell my leaders that the only way to seriously go about fixing this was to have many women in our area seventies, stake presidencies, and local bishoprics?

Church doctrine tells me that husband and wife are “equal partners.” It also tells me that a father presides over his household and that he is the priesthood head of the home. I simply cannot believe that I am meant to obey a man for eternity “as he obeys the Lord.” True partnership can only happen when both partners have an equal authority. When or if I choose to marry, it will only be in a truly equal partnership where neither of us vows to obey the other, but both of us promise to love each other. For these reasons and many others, I strongly believe that women should be ordained.