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I’m  a mother, a grandmother, a lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I am a professional musician and an avid family historian.  As a family historian I have learned how to enjoy a good cemetery.  I love the spirit I enjoy at a hospital branch where I attend church and minister to the sick.  I love the spirit I feel when I attend the temple.

I have been thinking lately about the wonderful truths that Joseph Smith restored.  One of those truths is the right of women to enter into the temple and then participate in temple ordinances.  I know of no scriptural evidence that women have ever before had this privilege.  When the Israelite nation built their holy places they had something called “The Court of the Gentiles.”  Everyone was granted entry to the court but, we have no scriptural record of women entering and participating in temple blessings.  The Israelites realized great blessings by having a temple and worshiping in it, but, without women they couldn’t have some of the greatest blessings that are common in modern temples.  I know of no precedence for what the Prophet Joseph Smith gave women, but it has moved the work of the Lord forward in marvelous ways.

I have many questions.  The Israelite nation did not understand what they could have had if women had been part of temple worship. We understand it far better today but is our knowledge complete?  If women held the priesthood, would there be even more glorious blessings given to the earth?  I assume that the priesthood men hold is much like the priesthood our Heavenly Father holds.  Does my Heavenly Mother also have priesthoods and powers?  I am a woman so do I want the priesthood that Heavenly Father holds or do I want the priesthood my Heavenly Mother holds, or are they the same priesthood?  Are we as a people too willing to accept tradition without questioning?

I believe one of Joseph Smith’s greatest attributes was the ability to think of questions and then taking those questions to God.  I don’t know what women should be ordained to but I think the question needs to be asked.  If the male priesthood is good for the development of men then what about women, is there something that we lack that would help us be all we can be?  Will that something also bring about even greater blessings?

I believe women should be ordained.