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I fill a different role for different people. I am a life partner, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I am also an alcoholic in recovery, a behavioral health therapist, a baker, and a feminist. My young family converted to the LDS church in June 2000; it’s been a bumpy ride ever since.

When we joined the LDS Church, my husband and I and our four young children were living a devout Catholic life and yet, something was missing. When I heard that families could be sealed together forever and we have a Heavenly Mother, I was hooked!

Over the last thirteen years, I’ve taught Youth Sunday School to the CTR 16s and 17s. The first time this call was extended, I went to the Lord in prayer for guidance. His response was beautiful yet simple: “Just love them.” That message of ‘love for all’ is what carries me forward in raising awareness of equality in the LDS Church. I have a desperate desire for our church leaders to love the brothers and sisters equally. Allowing each of us, regardless of gender, to stretch and serve in a calling that is best for a ward or stake is an act of love.

Sisters bring a different perspective to discussions and to the decision-making process. Utilizing these gifts and talents can foster a well-rounded and healthy faith community.

Above all, my daughters are bright, amazing, strong, capable women of faith. They are courageous and generous of spirit. It breaks my heart to think they will one day be set aside and passed over for leadership callings solely because they were born female. Gender should not hold anyone back from becoming their best self.

For these reasons, I believe women should be ordained.