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I am a believing active Mormon, who has been blessed to live in wards on four continents, learning from faithful women and men from most every walk of life. It warms my soul to think of all the dear members I’ve met around the world, working against great odds to continue their activity in the church. It is this ability of the Gospel to improve and enrich our mortal lives that is so valuable to me. I am emboldened by the spirit I have felt in worshipping in sacrament and temple services, and am committed to the great “mystery of faith:” in believing in things that are not seen.

This is my testimony of the Gospel, and while I believe firmly in the power of the Atonement of our brother, Jesus Christ, and feel strength in attending my ward community each Sunday, I also believe that humans are deeply imperfect, and that we are all prejudiced by our cultural and temporal circumstances, ascribing what is earthly and narrow to that which is vast and eternal.

I would never profess to know God’s intentions for the development and structuring of His church. But I do know that we profess to believe in continuing revelation, and that history has taught us how the church has changed structurally while still maintaining the core beliefs in loving Heavenly Parents and their Son, Jesus Christ. I want us all to worship and come to Christ in the most perfect manner possible, and believe this will come through much trial and error, and that all of our eyes will be opened and amazed at the ways in which we were hindered by our short-sighted worldviews. I put myself in that category, and do not want to dictate an alternative model for church worship or organisation – but I do want us to keep asking. To be humble and cognisant of the ways in which our minds can be expanded and the veil can be lifted a little further. I’m grateful to Ordain Women for the ways in which its leaders and supporters have helped us all probe deeper into the truth of continuing revelation, and demanding we seek out further ways to better include all church members in the leadership and management of this great organisation of Latter-Day Saint Christians.

I believe, in the words of Yeats, “surely some revelation is at hand.” I believe as members of Christ’s church, it is our duty to ask for that. And I believe women should be ordained.