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I’m a wife, mother, attorney, writer, photographer, musician and active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I married in the Idaho Falls Temple eight years ago and my husband and I now have a beautiful little girl! I love Cheese-Its, Diet Coke and good books to a fault.

Of all my callings my favorite has been as a member of the Young Women’s presidency. It was a privilege to serve with such wonderful women! Our girls were a force for good that I have no doubt makes Satan tremble to his core. I felt as if they were our own little band of stripling warriors, for “they [were] young, and their minds [were] firm, and they [did] put their trust in God continually” (Alma 57: 27). Being among them was to walk among greatness. And when I think of what more they could do if they were granted the priesthood, the feeling is almost overwhelming.

We are in the last days, when the fight against Satan is strongest. With that in mind, I cannot imagine a battle—when the fighting becomes toughest, the game the closest and the stakes the highest—in which the captain will not rally the troops, giving the opposition everything he’s got. I believe it is also so with God and His cherished daughters receiving the priesthood. We saw evidence of this when the missionary age for women was lowered and I believe we will see more significant changes to come. Ordaining women will not only be a tremendous force of good for the Church, it will also be the first step in alleviating long held gender inequality in church culture and practice.

I am grateful for—and recognize the significance of—having access to the blessings and power of the priesthood in my current callings (see Elder Dallin H. Oaks, April 2014 General Conference, Priesthood Session). But it is not enough. “Separate” is never “equal.” I look forward to the day when women will have equal access to not only the blessings of the priesthood, but also in opportunities of office, administration and in the performing of sacred ordinances.

I believe women should be ordained.