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I was raised Mormon from birth by a father whose family has been in the church since 1830 and a mother whose family has been in the Church since 1888.  Although my parents were very conservative, the political climate growing up in the ’60s was such that I had a very diverse upbringing. I attended BYU, served a mission, and married in the temple to a returned missionary.  I have 4 children and two of my sons have served missions for the Church, in Mexico and Croatia.

Sadly, my  husband was  abusive during our marriage, but as he was diagnosed with a  mental illness, I had tried to work things out as I hoped this would someday lessen and he would eventually decide to take medication to make things better. Also as a good Mormon woman I hesitated giving up on him. My stake president was very supportive of me when I got my divorce and recommended that I ensure that I be well provided for by helping me find a good lawyer.

I have not been active in the Church for awhile as I have found that I question my testimony. I have issues with the Church’s stance on women.  I feel that the Church has a contradictory attitude vis-a-vis women and the priesthood from my experiences in the temple.

I am not exactly sure what my religious future will be, but I do know that it will not be aligned with a church that does not ordain women or treat all of its members with equal dignity.

I believe those who are committed to Mormonism need to feel a full fellowship that is not compromised by hierarchical constraints. Women should hold the priesthood. This would give more balance to the Church.