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My name is Kathy and I believe all worthy women, age 12 and older, should be ordained and sustained by the Church.

I did not always believe women needed to be ordained. I believe women are already born into the world with a higher priesthood from our Mother in Heaven. I believe the temple reveals and confirms that endowed women already hold the priesthood. Sadly, this perspective is irrelevant to the structural Church as it currently functions: women have not been ordained and sustained by leaders in their local wards or stakes. Without public sustaining there is no support. And with no support, LDS women cannot fully and effectively use their gifts and talents for the Lord’s work.

I believe it is crucial that the ordaining and sustaining be done in a manner that the end result obliterates all gender inequality that exists within the current Church system. Therefore I also believe, for full equality, 12 year old sisters should be able to receive their ordination and sustaining alongside their brothers.

My personal history is that of being a born-again Spirit-filled Christian. I came into the Church at age 46. My husband Rob, an Evangelical Spirit-filled Christian, was baptized a year later. I have a strong testimony of the blessings of the Restoration, and of the power of sacred covenants and additional scriptures. Having lived 28 years without the authorized sealing power in our marriage, I can testify to its blessings in our home.

Our sons are grown, and I am a retired homemaker. Rob is also retired, and we share 50/50 all household duties. This enables both of us to fully develop and utilize our gifts for the Lord’s kingdom. I like walking, swimming, x-c skiing and soaking in our local hot springs.

For ten years I labored, with Rob’s help, and wrote a book, “Building Bridges Between Spirit-filled Christians and Latter-day Saints.” The book is a translation guide for born-again Spirit-filled Christians (Charismatics, Pentecostals, Renewalists and Third Wavers) and Latter-day Saints. My passion is to help Mormons become born again and grow in their personal relationships with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and to help Spirit-filled Christians understand the blessings of the Restoration.

I am currently inactive. I was not offended in any way. I’ve kept all my covenants and magnified every call. But the ongoing pain was too much to bear.

I believe that without equality, the Church cannot progress. I believe Mormon women should be ordained and sustained.