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I’m Katie. I love Pinterest, reading, learning, baking, running, loud concerts and my family. I am in a BSN program in Texas. I’ve served as a Relief Society chorister, Ward Librarian, Achievement Day Leader, Primary teacher, Primary chorister, and Primary President.

I am a Mormon feminist. I wonder what my childhood would have been if men and women were treated equally in our church. I felt invisible growing up. My parents had five girls in a row, and finally a boy at the end. However jokingly, my mom sees most of her daughters as failed attempts to have a son. We were extras, background noise. The other boys I knew at church were celebrated at each milestone with recognition, parties, and honor in front of the entire congregation. After 6 years of hard work, I was hurriedly handed my YW medallion in the hallway at church between hours. I felt invisible.

I am an advisor in our ward’s Young Women program. A few weeks ago, in speaking of priesthood responsibilities, the teacher misspoke and said, “When we turn 12, 14, and 16, we are given incredible opportunities to bless, to serve, to baptize, and to minister to our brothers and sisters.” She meant the young men only, and corrected herself immediately. But for one bright and shining moment, I imagined what it would be like for my girls, my daughter, and all women if it was simply available for us too. If there was no gender prerequisite for the priesthood. If we all had the same opportunity to serve, and the same reassurance that God is no respecter of persons. That the church values our girls as much as the boys, with equal recognition, funding, attention, and opportunity. I felt the Spirit speak to me in that moment that the way things are is not right, and that our girls deserve more.

I fear the backlash that may come from posting a profile, but I cannot stay silent any longer, for my sake, and the sake of my children.

I believe women should be ordained.