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I am 25, a happy newlywed and almost done with my degree in Psychology. I was raised in the Church by great, faithful parents. I am proud of my pioneer heritage and their examples of faith in the face of fierce opposition. I have served as Beehive president, in the Laurel presidency, Relief Society chorister, a Mission Prep teacher and currently teach Sunbeams. It’s my favorite calling so far!

I have loved this church my entire life. I’m forever grateful for the eternal perspective it gave me. A cosmic purpose. The relationship I have developed with my Heavenly Father and Savior, which the Church fostered, has been the greatest source of joy and comfort in my life. I know them. I feel connected to them and know they are on my side.

Since I was little, I’ve occasionally imagined myself blessing the sacrament while listening to the boys bless it. It is never out of jealousy, never about power, but out of a hunger to exercise my spirituality in more ways. To participate in that sacred ordinance and connect with my Savior even more.

As a woman I feel pushed into a box. I feel like I’ve been told I can experience only this much spirituality, and participate only so much, but no more. If I step out of the box, I would be a heretic. Unfaithful. I am hurt by this. I feel unjustly limited and held back from greater spiritual growth. I long to lay my hands on my husband, visiting teachees and others to give them blessings. I feel deep in my bones that this is beautiful and right. There is nothing inappropriate about the desire to bless others.

Women have so much more to offer the Church than what we are allowed to give now. In a church where men have the final say, women’s voices are optional. This is not equal. If women were equal in authority to men, there would be an explosion of progress in the Church. A greater outpouring of the Spirit! I’m sure of it! Yes, we are not perfect. Conflicts will still arise because we’re all human. But as has been shown all over the world, when women are empowered, everyone wins. There is power in the priesthood. If women were ordained, the Church would be renewed in a way it desperately needs.

I believe it’s time for women to be ordained.