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My connection to Mormonism comes from a long history of being born into the Church and growing up LDS  in California.  I was taught in-depth about how to be a good Mormon girl. Even though I learned my divine role should fulfill me, I imagined that I was so much more than only a future wife and mother. I also wanted to go to college, pursue a career, develop my talents, and live my life to the fullest!  Unfortunately, I felt doctrine on gender roles served to hold me back in some ways. I went to college, but I did not pursue graduate school. I wanted a career, but I thought I was supposed to be a stay-at-home parent if at all possible, so I did. I wish I had felt the support from my Church, my ward, and my leaders that I was just as important as the LDS men I knew.

My name is Kendahl, and I believe women should be ordained.