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My name is Kera. I was born and raised Mormon. My parents are devout members who taught me to love the gospel, and to serve faithfully in church. They also taught me to stand up and act for what I believe in. My parents not only volunteered in church callings, but for causes they truly believed in. Their example is what brings me here today, and what will bring me to Temple Square on April 5th. I believe in equality in our church. I believe that women in leadership and decision-making roles can only make our church better.

I am in a wonderful marriage, and have been blessed with a rambunctious 4-year-old boy. My marriage has been a partnership from the beginning – we are both equal. I don’t feel I “report” to him so that he can then make any final decisions; we make them together. This works well for us, and I feel it could be a very doable model for the church.

I truly believe women could bring so much more to our church if we were allowed to TRULY lead. If our daughters knew that they needed to remain worthy so they too could bless the sacrament. If, when a 16-year-old girl feels the need to go to her bishop, she’s allowed to talk with a female instead of a middle-aged male. I find it surprising that the biggest supporters of gender inequality in our church are women. I feel we all need to stand united on this issue – there is so much we could gain from it. I believe women should be ordained.