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I live in American Fork Utah, I’m 16 years old and I have grown up in the Church. I love to play soccer, Irish dance, read and watch movies. I’m really excited to be attending the Utah County Academy of Sciences in this upcoming school year because I really love science and hope to have a career in the medical field someday. I am a Laurel in my ward.
I believe that women should be ordained because God loves all of his children equally! I always hear that we are equal, we just have different roles. But those separate roles keep us from being equal. I first noticed that my role in the Church wasn’t equal when my brothers began passing the sacrament and I wondered, “Why can’t I do that?” After I quoted a talk given by a Relief Ssociety leader and told the name of the speaker, my seminary teacher asked, “Who’s that?” I noticed the inequality in many other instances as well.
I love the Church and I think that it is so wonderful except for the fact that it does not acknowledge the inequality. I think it has the potential to be the best religion in the world so long as it adapts and perfects the flaws that exist due to human nature. I believe women should be ordained.