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I was born into a Mormon family. My grandmother graduated from the University of Utah, a strong, independent and faithful example of our faith. My grandmother worked for most her life, balancing motherhood, marriage and service. I am a first generation American, leaving my homeland of Norway at a very young age.

I was baptized as a young adult and have lived my faith proudly for over thirty two years. I was a stay at home mother of five amazing children who flourished in creating a fun, free and loving home. While living in Naples, Italy as a military family. my life was devastated by divorce. I held tight to my Savior, Jesus Christ and clung to my strong faith and church family.

After returning to the United States, I became a reluctant college student filled with sorrow for the life I’d lost. In the light of my Savior, I was edified with blessing of comfort, health and resolve. I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology and I am now working on my Master’s in Advocacy and Political Leadership.

My oldest daughter is working on her master’s in Arabic at BYU-Provo. My oldest son is graduating from high school and will begin his college studies in the fall. My middle son and daughter are both ninth graders and my youngest son is a fifth grader, who loves humanity.

I have a deep love of the gospel and I believe that my Heavenly Parent’s desire that all men and women have the opportunity to experience the empowering, healing and eternal blessings of holding the priesthood. I have raised each of my children to remember that becoming like Christ is possible, desirable and a gift. I believe that ordaining women is possible, desirable and a gift. I know that together as children of God, men and women can express all the blessings, responsibilities and leadership of heaven.

I believe women should be ordained.