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As an independent fiction and nonfiction author, I have always striven to follow the admonition in Doctrine and Covenants 88:118; to seek diligently and teach words of wisdom out of the best books, and make sure my work is among such books. To me, being Mormon means seeking truth, living truth, and sharing truth.

I am a lifelong member of the Church. I served a full and honorable mission in upstate New York. I was married in the Winter Quarters Temple to my husband in 2007. We continue to have a loving and faithful relationship. I am lucky to be with an LDS man who honors the women in his life.

In my teens, I served in Young Women’s presidencies. In my twenties, I served in Relief Society presidencies and taught Gospel Doctrine. Sadly, after 15+ years of prayerful study, close attention to Church culture, and reverent temple attendance, I began to realize that women were indeed not equal to men in the culture and policies of the Church. This contradicted what I found to be true in my studies and answered prayers. In my early thirties, I was called to be a Young Women’s leader, and within a month of accepting the calling, I knew I had to step down from it. I could not in good conscience teach these young sisters the principles and culture that caused me and my adult sisters so much grief.

Due to this, I felt compelled to confess to my bishop that my testimony of the Church had faltered. Since then, I have rarely attended Church. If gender inequality and other issues of discrimination can be remedied, I would have hope for the future of the Church, and once again become as active as I had been.

I believe sisters should be granted the public expression of their innate priestesshood and true position as creators in eternity alongside men.

I believe women should be ordained.