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I’m Kristen. I’m a journalist, dog sport enthusiast, and happily married. I was born LDS, but currently, I am an inactive member. My struggles with the church center around what I am told my roles are as a women, and how I feel personally.

I’ve felt my opinions and contributions to the Church aren’t valued or taken seriously because of my gender. I’ve watched male leadership make decisions that directly impact women and girls, without getting their opinions. As a Young Women’s leader, I’ve been speechless, when my girls ask why the boys get all the attention and fun activities.

I honestly feel having motherhood be a woman’s main role in the gospel diminishes the role of fatherhood. And I’m tired of hearing I clearly don’t have a true testimony of the Gospel, because I think women should be able to bless their children or hold more leadership positions.

I hope to raise children in a church where men and women lead together. I want to be able to bless those children when they are ill. I hope they won’t feel less important based on gender.

I believe women should be ordained.