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I grew up in Delaware in a ward full of strong, diverse women that I admired. Now I live in Tucson with my husband and four children.

I love serving as Activity Days leader in my ward and created, a website dedicated to offering amazing activities that go beyond just cupcakes and crafts. My site gets thousands of hits each week, as lots of leaders are seeking ways to make this bare-bones program more meaningful for their girls. Our young girls deserve a program equal in quality to the cub scouts, and these leaders know it. But real, lasting, universal improvement to this program will probably only come when woman are able to have a more solid, well-defined role in LDS Church leadership.

For a long time I thought this could happen, somehow, without women actually having the priesthood. But after seeing the leaked videos of Priesthood briefings to the apostles, I could see that as long as women cannot participate in equal numbers at the top of our organization, their voices will simply not be heard and valued with the same weight as male voices.

I believe women should be ordained.