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Hi, I’m Lauren.

I love my husband, my dog, my family, and curling up with a good book in the hammock outside. I have served as a missionary (still my favorite calling, bar none), in the presidency of an Institute council, as a Relief Society and Temple Prep teacher, and have played the piano or conducted music in meetings since I was eleven.

The shape of my faith has changed the past few years, but Mormonism remains my home. It is my spiritual language, and its people are still my people.

I believe everyone’s voice counts. I believe that having decision makers at most levels of the church only be selected from one pool of people does real harm. I believe in the ability of men and women to work side by side as equals to do more good in this world. I believe in the divinity of all souls, male and female, and in their capabilities to serve, nurture, lead, and create.

I believe women should be ordained.