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Hi, I’m Laurie. I was raised in an awesome, multi-generational Mormon family. My husband and I will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary in May, and we have three busy and fun kiddos. I’m a business owner, yoga and meditation teacher, and photographer. Most of all, I’m a seeker. I can’t help it – asking big questions is just part of who I am!

I have found that every human being has the essence of divinity at his or her center. Through my work, I help others recognize and strengthen this innermost core of our beings, meeting the highest potential we can within this lifetime.

Mormon theology has many beautiful teachings, yet its focus on strict gender roles keeps women from fully living up to their potential. Women and men are both so much more than their differing biology. Focusing theology so strongly on gender is a big distraction to what matters most. My hope is that the Church can become a place where women are viewed as human beings rather than women with specific roles to fulfill. To do anything else is very confining to the human soul – both for women and for men. I want to see the Church focus more on the Christian values of wholeness, love, and service.

My vision gives both men and women equal opportunity for spiritual growth through the sharing of official spiritual keys and power, having an equal voice on matters of policy, curriculum and doctrine, and providing both men and women an equal presence within the decision-making structure of the organization.

Church leaders speak through their actions. Presently, those actions leave women no measureable organizational power. Every woman in a leadership position must have her decisions met with approval from male priesthood leaders. This silent message speaks loudly – and strongly shapes how LDS girls and women view themselves. And it shapes how men view women.

Making changes toward greater equality would enable the leaders of the Church to clearly affirm women’s equality, abilities and potential, saying, “I see you. I hear you. I value you. You are equal in voice and power. We want you to grow infinitely.” I believe that most priesthood leaders genuinely already believe these statements.

My dream is for Mormon women to be seen, heard and recognized as spiritually powerful and to have the authority to act within that truth. I want children growing up in the LDS Church to see what equality looks like by living it within their religion instead of having to look outside to experience it. I don’t want those I love to have to leave the Church in order to fully realize their spiritual potential.

I whole-heartedly believe that women should be ordained.