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I am a stay at home mother to two little girls. I was raised in the church, went to BYU, married in the Salt Lake Temple and taught school for four years before becoming a mother. I have enjoyed serving in the church as a gospel doctrine teacher, a Young Women’s leader, a Young Women’s president and am currently serving as a primary teacher.

I believe that motherhood is the most important calling I will ever have just as my husband believes that fatherhood is the most important calling he will ever have. Even though my husband works to provide for our family while I am the primary care giver, we are equally devoted to our children. I do not accept that motherhood is the equivalent to the Priesthood. This diminishes fatherhood while signaling that women are somehow unworthy to hold the Priesthood.

I want to be ordained so that I can join my husband in blessing our children before they begin a new school year or when they are sick or in need of comfort. I want my daughters to grow up knowing that they have as much to contribute to the Lord’s work as boys. I don’t want them to ever doubt their equality in God’s eyes. I believe this is Christ’s church and that our leaders are guided by revelation. I have faith that they will receive a revelation to ordain women but, I do not believe that day will come before women themselves want to be ordained. I want to hold the priesthood so I’m asking and praying for it.