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Hi, I’m Lisa. I am a lifelong member of the LDS Church and work as a graphic designer in Provo, UT. I graduated from BYU and three years ago I was sealed in the temple to my husband, whom I love. I have had questions about the Church since I was 18 due to my Baptist friends in Dallas, TX, where I was raised, causing me to question my Christianity. I have gone down the rabbit hole regarding many subjects, including church history, Book of Mormon truths, and polygamy. Since 2008 I have become more aware of social justice issues like gender equality and LGBT issues. Throughout this time, I have remained an active member of the Church and held various callings.
I have been following the Ordain Women movement since fall 2013. I attended the action in April 2014. I was nervous about attending and deliberated all week about whether I should stay or go. I am so so happy that I attended! I felt the spirit throughout the action and drove home very happy and relieved that I could be a part of it. I learned that day that no matter how few people feel marginalized on an issue, they deserve the same support from me as the other 15 million members. They are all my Relief Society sisters! No matter what happens, they have my support. I stand with Kate Kelly. I believe women should be ordained.