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Hi, I’m Lonna, and I’m a faithful Mormom woman.

I was fortunate enough to become a member of this wonderful Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 2008 as an adult. I faced a lot of animosity from my friends and family at the time I was investigating the Church, urging me not to become involved with this particular religion. However, I could not deny the promptings of the Holy Ghost inviting me to be part of the truth. In fact, the reason I began seeking out the Church in the first place was because of a very sacred dream I had begging me to become part of the fold and to pray with earnestness to know of the validity of the things I was learning.

I have had a few revelatory dreams throughout my life, all of which are very personal and have filled me more strongly with a feeling of rightness and truth that I cannot begin to describe. One of these led me to the Church in the first place, one led me to my loving husband, and another I received only last year which I would like to discuss briefly for you now, as it pertains to my role as a woman.

My husband and mother-in-law had been discussing the ordination of women, why it should happen, and perhaps why it hasn’t happened yet. I began to get very upset because I was actually AGAINST the ordination of women, having not done any research on my own and feeling like the very fabric of the Church I knew and loved would be changed if this were to take place. I began to pray for the truth, because that is the best thing I know to do when I am in doubt or frustrated over a doctrinal issue. That night I had a dream which identified my role as so much more and my value so much greater than simply that of a wife and mother (both of which are sacred responsibilities I take very seriously) but that I, as an individual child of God, had many great things to offer and was destined to do in my life.

This personal revelation was meaningful and not at all what I had anticipated when I sat down in prayer the night before. I began to do some research on ordination, women and their role in the Church throughout history, as well as Heavenly Mother and her role. This path that I have been on has led me to have many beautiful, positive, heartfelt conversations with my family, friends, and especially, with God.

I am a woman capable of so much more than my current responsibilities allow, and I fullheartedly believe women should be ordained