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I grew up in a loving, active Mormon family. I was raised by parents who believed we should all be treated as children of God whether we are women, men, LGBT, believers or non-believers and we should all be celebrated for what we bring to the table. My parents raised me to ask questions, just like we are instructed in the scriptures. They also raised me to believe I could do anything and gender was not a limitation. We strive to teach our daughters the same thing.

I understand the push back against Ordain Women. I used to be in that place. I felt like I had compassion for the plight but I had no desire for change. I was even bristled by the idea that women were pushing for ordination. At that time in life I had never been in a position where I had felt the pain of inequality as a woman in this church. Circumstances happened which caused me to take a step back and see things differently. Not in an aggressive or angry perspective, but a place of sincere questioning:

Why can’t women hold their babies during a priesthood blessing?
Why are the budgets incredibly different for YW and YM programs?
Why can’t a mother help provide a blessing of comfort to her sick, scared or nervous child?
Why are boys at age 12 considered more spiritual and closer to God in power and might then their mothers will ever be?
Why is our worth as women intrinsically tied to motherhood?
If the priesthood is the power of God (NOT the power of leadership) shouldn’t we all have it? Don’t we already have it as promised in the temple?
Why, in the general leadership, is there only a micro fraction of women compared to men?

I do not feel these questions are preaching false doctrine. They are true, sincere and factual questions. By asking them we are not questioning God’s will. If we are truly all children of God, who loves us equally….why we are treated so differently? While uncomfortable to admit, there is inequality in the Church.

I believe I am a daughter of God who loves me and loves my daughters. We as women are more than our bodies. My ability to reproduce should not define my relationship with God. I long for the day when priesthood power is synonymous with the power of God, not with church leadership or the ability to have a voice of change. “We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God” (Article of Faith 9).

I believe there are still many great and important things that have not yet been revealed. If priesthood power is the only way to achieve these answers then the logical step is to ask the brethren to pray for female ordination. I believe that women should be ordained.