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I’m a Ugandan-born, 31 year old, Utah dwelling, natural/health foodie, former college athlete, nature loving, liberal, internet marketing, single mom and avid reader. I’m a Mormon-reared woman who has taught Relief Society, Sunday School and served in a variety of callings…but as of recently, I am no longer attending very frequently as I am striving to work out the difficulties I have with the faith.

Whether or not I wind up as a fully practicing Mormon, I wholeheartedly see the problems with male privilege and the way it diminishes the inherent power that is within women and all people. I am supportive of Ordain Women because I think many of the LDS sisters I love NEED this movement.

Specific circumstances that particularly ignited my feelings of male privilege would be my experience in the singles wards. I feel somewhat trite for mentioning dating when there are so many other feminist issues that matter more. But it is my experience and so I feel it is worth mentioning:

I believe women are taken advantage of, disregarded, and second class in a singles ward context and this is dangerous.

Within the church, you are taught you are not complete until you have that “worthy priesthood holder” at your side. There are so many psychological repercussions of feeling inadequate alone. I find it heartbreaking that so many of the women in the church would be among the best mothers in the world but because of the worship of a ‘worthy priesthood holder” these women end up squandering their childbearing years waiting for the knight in shining armor that is just statistically not there for 2/3 of them. They could date and marry wonderful men with great morals, but this is culturally shameful or less acceptable.

That is just one of my issues. I also believe the men in the church would actually feel more inclined to be a higher caliber if women were ordained.

I believe a lot of things.:)

I’m happy to be an Ordain Women supporter. I believe women should be ordained.