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Listen to Lyndsey’s podcast interview here:

My name is Lyndsey.  I grew up in the Church but have always felt somewhat like an outsider looking in.  I was the awkward kid in Sunday School who felt the need to contradict and ask questions that didn’t always have answers.  I’ve left the Church in the past because I couldn’t see myself growing anymore in a faith I didn’t feel wanted me.  I am a feminist, a democrat, outspoken, and I don’t have a Relief Society voice.  I asked questions that made people uncomfortable and when I asked about things pertaining to women I was given the stock answer, “Women are so amazing and can do so much so we don’t feel like it’s necessary for them to have the priesthood.”

Now that I have two kids I can see the harm that can do to both my son and daughter.  My son is being told he is naturally incapable of being nurturing and giving selfless service so he needs extra help from the priesthood.  My daughter is being told she’s SO good we don’t need her.

Two years ago I was disfellowshipped.  As I sat in the room with 5 men asking me incredibly personal questions I felt again that I wasn’t wanted because I wasn’t like the soft-spoken women that seem to be all I hear about at church.  I was re-fellowshipped and still treated like I was disfellowshipped.  I was not given a calling, I was not even really spoken to.  This time however I decided not to leave the Church.  I decided to stay, and stand for what I believe, that women can do amazing things with the priesthood and men will also benefit from equality in the Church.  I still don’t have a calling but I’m not leaving this time because I know that the Gospel is true.  I know that Mormonism has helped me get closer to my Mother and Father in Heaven.  I believe women should be ordained!