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As a single woman in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am often assured and reminded that no blessing will be denied me for lack of a husband. And for the most part, I agree. I live a very blessed life, and I have been the recipient of a great deal of good fortune for which I cannot account. I have rarely felt that I was missing anything for the lack of Priesthood in my home. To the contrary, being single has taught me to rely upon both my ward community and my relationships with my Heavenly Parents in ways I might never have experienced had I married young.

Yet, I want more. I want more than spiritual and temporal blessings. I desire an increased ability to bless my friends, family, ward and community.

I am a lifelong member. I grew up singing primary songs and learning the stories of my ancestors who crossed the plains to establish the very city I called home. Since that time, I have attended and served in wards in various states across the country. I served a mission in Finland, where I had the opportunity to pray for and minister to people regularly. Yet, when investigators asked why women were not allowed to hold the Priesthood, I had no satisfying answers for them.

As children of Heavenly Parents, we all carry certain spiritual gifts with us into this life and throughout our lives we will acquire and develop new ones. We already have the power of God within us, it’s time that the respective gifts, talents and abilities of all members are utilized and encouraged within the Church. I believe that women should be ordained.