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Hello, my name is Marcus. I was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah. Had the traditional Mormon family and upbringing, rich with beautiful pioneer ancestry. I served a fulltime mission in the Scotland Edinburgh Mission. I’ve had every opportunity to serve and almost every calling that is afforded to a single 28-year-old priesthood holding male.

I love my faith. I love my pioneer heritage. The stories of strong pioneer women leading, performing blessings, and directing this church are some of my most cherished. I no longer want to hear those stories alone. I want to see it. I want my sisters in Zion to tell me their stories. For my sisters in Zion to be able to bless their sick children, like our pioneer sisters of old.

As I have grown I’ve realized that within our world women are under represented and under utilized. Being restricted to the world of child rearing and homemaking. I feel fortunate to have witnessed strong and powerful women who have fought against this. They have proven to be capable of providing, protecting, and presiding, both at home and in the workplace. I desire to see this with in our church community too.

The scriptures serve as a journal, and testament, of believer’s dealings with God. Those who have gone before us have left a legacy of faith in written record. We too will leave a written record of our dealings with God, as we seek Him in personal ways. I don’t want us to make the mistakes that the believers of old have, and have our scriptural record devoid of women and their faithful journeys. I believe this can begin by having women represented in leadership and given equal partnership in the ecclesiastical management of this church.

I too believe that family is central to God’s plan. I also believe it to be foolish not to acknowledge how diverse God’s plan is, and likewise, how diverse the family unit is. We are told that having the priesthood in the home is one of the most important criteria to healthy and safe home. Whether due to divorce, death, or duty we are often left with single parent homes. For many, that leaves their home bereft of the priesthood as a permanent fixture. The ordination of women would aid in rectifying this problem.

I believe our scriptures when it is stated that all are alike unto God. I believe that God, and his power, are the great equalizer. That through Him all is made equal. Therefore, equality is essential to His plan and gospel. I truly believe that the ordination of women is part of God’s plan.