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I am a lifelong member of the Church. I grew up in an active family with pioneer ancestry.  I attended Ricks College, Boise State, and graduated from BYU-Idaho. I am a musician, a wife, a mom, and (until recently) a closet feminist. My church service includes callings in Primary, Young Women, Relief Society, and Sunday School. I am currently serving as the secretary in our ward Relief Society presidency, the ward choir pianist, and the Stake Orchestra Percussionist (best calling ever!).

I think I have been a Mormon feminist my entire life. I have distinct memories of feeling frustrated with gender inequality from the time I was a small child in Primary. I have been following the growing Mormon feminist movement for several years and was really excited when Ordain Women was created, but until recently have been too afraid to raise my voice with others. While sitting in our last Stake Conference I received a clear prompting from the Holy Ghost that it was time for me to open my mouth. Since then my fear has vanished. I know I have been and continue to be supported by loving Heavenly Parents as I have started my own feminist venture.

I look forward to a time when I can, by the laying on of hands, bless those that I serve within the Church. I look forward to a time when I can stand with my husband in blessing, confirming and ordaining our children. What a beautiful scene that would be; earthly parents connecting with Heavenly Parents in guiding and blessing our children! I believe women should be ordained.