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I am a physician in California. I grew up in the church, married in the temple 10 years ago, and have held many callings in the church including Primary chorister (one of my favorites!), Primary teacher to many ages, and sacrament meeting coordinator. Apart from my job and my faith, my interests include environmental activism, animal advocacy, SCUBA diving, and cooking/baking.

I love the Mormon communities I’ve been a part of throughout my life and have found peace and comfort from our scriptures and doctrines. Mormonism is an inextricable part of my identity. However, I am dismayed that our church does not take full advantage of all of the talents that each member of our church, male and female, has to offer because it restricts priesthood authority and the positions that require it to men. The motherhood-priesthood dichotomy is, to me, a false one, and I sometimes cringe at our brand of “benevolent sexism” that exaggerates differences between men and women and attempts to compensate for inequality by putting women on spiritual pedestals. I truly believe that “all are alike unto God” and do not believe sex should be used to limit the spiritual or service opportunities of men or women.

I believe Mormon women should be ordained!