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My name is Marion. I’m a writer, a teacher and I am a Mormon.

The church is constantly changing. Big changes and little changes. This shouldn’t concern us. God is unchanging, but we are learning line upon line. Change comes when we’re ready for it.

I ask myself, “Could a woman lead a ward as a bishop with love and understanding? Could our young women prepare and pass the sacrament with reverence and respect? Could we learn important principles at the feet of a female apostle?”

I believe the answer to all of these questions is yes. Of course, yes. It just takes change.

Amidst all this change, is there anything upon which we can rely? Is there a constant to which we can hold?

The answer again is yes. We find it in the motto of the Relief Society. Charity never faileth. Charity. The pure love of Christ. It is upon charity that the two great commandments rest. Love God. Love your neighbor. Love everyone–I believe everything else can change.

I believe in change, which is why I believe women should be ordained.