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Growing up in the mission field I missed out on the cultural stumbling blocks of the church organization. What I saw were conversions of the spirit, the faith of individuals to change their lives, the reality of how the gospel works: it was and is love in motion.  What I felt was the love of tolerance and acceptance by other branch and ward members. We were individuals, we were so different from one another.  Our family gave its time, talents and money to the church, it felt like a sacrifice, but the joy was deep, even as a child and teenager, my soul was touched. (Now I am 60)

My husband and I struggled in our new marriage, staying true to temple covenants, holding so many callings, raising children, and both of us working. It was hard and sweet at the same time. I deliberately married an unconventional young man who was into service, not sports, wanted as much interaction with our children as I had, was willing to clean the house, go to counseling and stay committed to the gospel and me.

My personal pain led my heart and mind to find more healing outside the church: needing softer words, less judgement, more acceptance (eastern religions). After reading, meditating, and saying prayers of gratitude, my heart finally felt safe and strong enough to return to worship in a Mormon congregation with my husband.  It is sweet to partake of the spirit and to sit next to the man I love.

Fortunately I learned so early in my life about the mistakes we all make, including the authorities of the church. What leads us all back to our Savior is to honor our integrity, to live in the moment.  My integrity includes believing and speaking out for women’s equality, for individual’s equality.  There is enough love to allow this.

I am grateful for the simple mission of Ordain Women.  I want all women to have the opportunity to serve and partake in holding the priesthood. I want all men to have the added blessing of being equally yoked with their sisters.

I believe women should be ordained.