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I live with my husband and three turtles. I enjoy movies, audiobooks, and taking in the fabulous food that Los Angeles offers.

I served as a Primary teacher for two years. With this calling, I found a love for teaching, leading to the decision to professionally train as a teacher. I was impressed with my fellow Primary leaders and teachers, who always engaged a diverse group of children.

The doctrine of free agency is important to me. I was taught that we were sent to earth to choose for ourselves, which gave me great comfort during difficult times.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, I became starkly aware of the inequalities surrounding me. This included the gender inequality in the church. I came to realize that as a female, I am excluded from making certain choices. Currently, I cannot choose for myself whether or not to take the responsibilities of the Priesthood.

I have seen the talents of Mormon women at their best. I wonder how many other Mormon women feel tugs towards ministering to people through giving blessings and facilitating rituals. How many would choose if they had the agency? This is why I believe women should be ordained.