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I’m a 35 year old wife and mother, I’m going to school for my bachelor’s in biology, and I’m LDS. Born and raised. When I was a teen, I actually went to 2 wards on Sundays, because I liked it so much. I went through the temple when I was 22, and I had to work hard for the privilege, as I was not going on a mission or getting married, and my leaders thought it was just a phase. But I wanted to be held to a higher standard, so I pushed the matter, taking it past the Bishop to the Stake President, and finally to the Area Authority, and only after being persistent was I finally able to receive my endowments.

I believe those women who want to be ordained are feeling much as I was–they want to be held to a higher standard. They feel there is something MORE for them. I commend them, and think it’s a noble cause. Mothers should have the right to bless their children, sisters should have the right to bless their sisters, their mothers, their friends.

I believe women should be ordained.