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Hi! I’m Melissa.

I am a lifelong member of the LDS church. Originally born and raised in Utah, I currently live in Northern California with my husband and our 3 young children. My husband is attending graduate school and I am learning all new levels of patience being the main caretaker for our very strong-minded and lively kids. I live on various forms of caffeine and prayer to help me get though the day.

My parents both worked in our home so I grew up watching my dad split all the household tasks with my mom. It was never discussed or praised because it was an understanding between my parents that they were equal. I grew up wrongly expecting that others in our culture felt the same and I was heartbroken to find out just how mistaken I was.

I was the typical Mormon girl in many different ways-I married very young and was pregnant within a year. I am different because despite the urging of various priesthood leaders, I left my abusive husband and had my daughter on my own. I have struggled with the Church and Church policies since this time.

Once I found this group, I found a gathering of women who had some of the same experiences and could relate on a personal level with my feelings. I have been empowered by these women. I felt like there was now a voice (for women) that wasn’t dedicated entirely to raising children and supporting our husbands. I finally felt like there was a place for me in a church full of men with the sole authority. Women should not be confined into a support role but should be utilized to the best of their abilities – the same way that men are.

I support the ordination of women.