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My name is Melissa. I was born into the covenant. I took my endowments out in 2007 at the Seattle temple. I was married the same year in the Portland temple.

I enjoyed serving in the church. I got up for seminary every morning before school at 5 am. I served in the church in many capacities. I was Laurel president, relief society secretary, activity days counselor, etc. I went to girls camp every year and many people converted because of my personal missionary work.

When I was 14, I received my patriarchal blessing. I remember feeling the spirit so strong that day. It overwhelmed me and the few that came to witness. I know my patriarchal blessing is sacred, but for the purposes of this cause, I would like to share part of it:

“You are one of those people who was held back specifically to come to the earth at this particular time because of the strength of your convictions, and because of the knowledge that you have acquired of your purpose in life. The forces of evil marshalled against those of our Heavenly Father are particularly strong. You were one of those in the leadership position in the war in heaven before you came to this earth.”

Getting my blessing was an amazing experience, and one I will never forget.

I was very sad and confused to learn I cannot hold the priesthood. Only men can. When I asked why I was told it’s because women get to have the babies. And God had to give men something… So I grew up learning that that was my function in life. To have babies.

I didn’t understand how I was a leader in the war in heaven, but I wasn’t allowed to hold the priesthood or lead in the church? It didn’t make sense. I believe that women are more than just baby makers and helpmates to men.

There are many women in and out of the church with incredible talents and such strong spirits. Worthy sisters should be ordained the way our worthy brothers are because we are created equal. If Heavenly Father sees it fit for me to be a leader in the war in heaven, I should be able to obtain a leadership position on earth as my god given right. Just as every worthy sister.

This is the testimony I bear with the holy ghost burning like fire within me. I say these things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.