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I’m a Mormon husband and father. The issue of gender inequality became personal to me when I thought about my daughter.

For instance, I am concerned with the current system in which ecclesiastical interviews that involve talking about chastity are only conducted one-on-one by middle aged men with young women. I would much rather my daughter be interviewed and talk about such sensitive topics with a woman leader. Perhaps, only women should explain sexual topics to girls. If men are generally not allowed one on-one-time with boys or girls, why do we force Bishops to talk about such relationships with women?

Right now, if in the interview any counseling is needed around sexuality, the only person who will give it to a young woman is an older man. That does not feel right to me. I know I will talk to my boys, and I will let my wife talk to my daughter. Even if the motivations are pure, when a bishop tries to ascertain details of a sexual experience to determine the seriousness of the sin, I start to feel very protective of my daughter.

I feel so much more comfortable when I imagine a female church leader who has been given the keys of determining worthiness speaking to my daughter about such sensitive topics.

For my daughter and millions of others around the globe, I believe church leaders should pray for guidance about the issue of ordaining women to the priesthood.”