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I am a fourth generation Mormon living in Lewiston, Idaho.  I have a lovely wife and two perfect daughters 15 & 17. I have served a faithful mission and married in the temple. My wife is an nurse at the local hospital and has almost finished her Nurse Practitioner degree. She is the ward organist and was recently released as a Young Womens advisor. We attend church together as a family most Sundays.

My hope for my daughters is to see them grow in the Church but not feel subjugated because of their gender. I feel the argument that “women get to be mothers and men get to have the priesthood” is a flawed comparison. Women can be mothers and men can be fathers. The priesthood can and should be shared.

I would like to see them serve equally among their peers in leadership roles in the Church. I feel that we can support this change in the Church and it is our duty to help the Church progress and become more inclusive and progressive.  If we truly believe in a living prophet and a living church I feel the time is right to bring the issue of gender equality to the Lord. My daughters should not have to feel that their self-worth is only found in being a mother and wife.

I support Ordain Women in their efforts to increase gender equality within the Church and I believe women should be ordained.