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My name is Mike. I am married and have five kids, three teenagers and twins who are three-years-old. Home life is never dull. I work as a scientist on the prevention of congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) disease, the leading infectious cause of birth defects. I love to play soccer and I’m a bicycling enthusiast. I served a mission to Brazil and have served in the Church in various capacities, such as the Gospel Doctrine teacher, Young Men’s president, seminary teacher, and as a substitute Primary pianist (my dream calling). Currently I hold three callings. I serve in the High Priests’ group leadership, I teach the Strengthening Marriage class with my wife, and I am the Priesthood pianist.

Why I am a Mormon

I love the goodness of the Gospel. It has helped me grow as an individual and has helped me be kinder and more patient with others. Reading the Book of Mormon changed my life, and I love the beautiful passages such as King Benjamin’s sermon and Moroni’s final words on faith, hope, and charity. Serving in the Church has helped me build friendships with people I’ve come to admire and love.

Why I believe in ordination for women

I value the perspectives of women in my life. I believe that ordination will help women be more fully included in decision-making at all levels in the Church. I feel that increased input from  women’s voices will be a blessing to all of us.

I also know that for some women their church experience is painful because they do not have equal opportunity to exercise their spiritual gifts. It pains me to see that some women experience their pleadings to Heavenly Father as being less valid or influential than those of a man giving a priesthood blessing. We are taught that priesthood is such a special, important thing that is absolutely necessary to bless God’s children on earth, yet this teaching can lead women to feel that their prayers just aren’t as valuable. Ordination would allow women to contribute to God’s kingdom in an equally powerful way.

I’m a Mormon, and I believe women should be ordained.