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My husband and I married in the St. George Temple after meeting in graduate school. I teach art history at a state university in Utah. I’ve held a number of callings, including Relief Society teacher, pianist and music leader, cub scout leader, Primary and Early Morning Seminary teacher, and activity days leader. I like to read, write and play music with my two daughters. I love the scriptures in all of their messiness and I’m blogging my way through the Book of Mormon.

I grew up in a difficult family. My belief in God’s love for me has been an important anchor throughout my life. Mormonism continues to shape my belief in God, forms a significant component of my sense of community and offers me hope for a life of eternal learning and progression.

Today, something happened that I think highlights the need for women to hold both the priesthood and positions of real leadership in the LDS Church. My husband and I were cleaning up after dinner this evening and he asked my opinion on something. My five year old daughter asked him why he needed my advice when he was the boss of our family. We have not taught our daughters that he is the boss of our family. She learned that recently in Primary as they were learning the song “The Family is of God.”  I explained to her that in our house, we try to make decisions together.

As I was discussing this with her, I worried that the egalitarian marriage that my husband and I try to model is minimized by LDS Church culture and practice. I worry that my five year old daughter is being taught in both direct and subtle ways that women’s voices do not matter. I want her to know that my voice matters but ultimately I want her to know that her voice matters. I believe that women should be ordained.