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I’m a Mormon. I’m a descendant of pioneers. I’m a union organizer. I’m a wife. I’m an expectant mother. And I support the ordination of women.

About Me:

I grew up in a big family of seven kids, and like most families, we had our share of hardships. From a young age, I learned that I could rely on a very direct, very personal connection to God to buoy me up when the path ahead seemed difficult. My close relationship with God and my Savior helped me gain a strong conviction in doing what is right in this world to ease the suffering of others. The history of the church inspired me with a grand vision of Zion, and what this earth life could be like. These are part of the reason I started working as a union organizer, to fight for the temporal salvation of all of God’s children.

My husband and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple in 2007. We are currently living in Seattle, and expecting our first child.

Why I am a Mormon:

Mormonism is written upon my bones. In my adulthood, I’ve struggled with wondering if there is a place for me in the church I always took shelter in as a youth. But I never doubt that I have a spark of divinity within me, that I am loved and valuable, that I have a responsibility to do good in this life and work toward Zion. I know with conviction that the most important things in my life are the people – my siblings, my mother, my husband, and soon, this little child I am so eager to meet. Mormonism gives me all these things. Mormonism gives me a reflexive hope that, no matter how hard things may be, our stories are not finished and we can look with optimism to the future. Despite the pain of sometimes feeling rejected or devauled by the community I valued most, my Mormon heritage and teachings are priceless to me, and the beauty derived from parts of our doctrine has made me the woman I am today.

How I live my faith:

I believe all people should be treated as children of God. In my past calling as a Young Women’s President, this is the lesson I tried to impart above all others to those precious girls: God loves you, God loves others, and your calling in this life is to share that love as widely as you can. I try to live out the values of Mormonism in my life every day as I seek to find how I can be a part of the community of saints.

Why I think Mormon women should have the priesthood:

Simply put, I just don’t see any reason why not. Women and men are equally capable of doing God’s work. Women and men are equally capable of receiving divine inspiration. They are equally capable of teaching, leading, prophesying, and blessing, and our scriptural canon has so many examples of women doing just that. I believe that God “will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God,” and I believe the world has never been more ready for God to reveal the true equality of men and women. We are ready to receive it.

On a more personal level, this is pressing on my heart more and more as I come to love this baby we are expecting. I want to raise this baby in a community where they never have to ask if women are as important as men. I want to raise them in a community that encourages them to be their best, develop their strengths, and grow as close as possible to God regardless of their gender. I want to raise them in a community that never stops to ask, “Are you fit for this calling?” but only, “Are you willing to serve?” And I have not given up hope that Mormonism could be that community.