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Hi, I’m Natasha. I’m a convert to Mormonism and have changed many things about myself over the years that have allowed me to more fully practice my faith and develop a closer relationship with my Heavenly Parents. One thing that I have not changed, nor need to change, is my belief in equality for all. I have suffered the disadvantages of inequality on multiple levels throughout my life, and I know the psychological and emotional scars that are left behind from what many consider subtle or benign discrimination.

A church member once asked why I converted if I believed so strongly women should be ordained. I explained to him and several others that before I was baptized, I asked the missionaries if it was possible for women to one day receive the priesthood, as black members did when few thought they would. The missionaries told me that it was a possibility. I only needed that assurance. I know now as I did then that at the heart of the gospel resides pure love that can only come about through the humility of equality. I wholeheartedly believe in the doctrine of continuing revelation because it sets aside fear and allows for growth and correction.

I have served as Young Women’s President, Counselor, and Secretary. I am grateful for each of these callings because they have afforded me the opportunity to get to know very talented and thoughtful young women who need to see that they are part of a religion that fully supports their potential and diverse capabilities. I want these young women to know that they can have the opportunity for their voices to be heard. Their talents should be acknowledged and developed in the same way that their fathers’ and brothers’ talents are.

Until women are ordained and have the ability to give of themselves through service as fully as their male counterparts, we cannot become a consecrated people.

I believe women should be ordained.