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I live in Phoenix, Arizona.  I was sealed to my wife in 1999.  We have three beautiful children.  My family has been blessed so that we live comfortably from my job as a forensic economist.  My ancestors crossed the plains and settled Utah with the Prophet, Brigham Young.  I was baptized at age 8, I am an Eagle Scout, and I served an honorable mission.  I have magnified my callings in the church since completing my mission.  I have served at various times as primary worker, Cubmaster, ward employment specialist, seminary teacher, executive secretary, temple worker, elders’ quorum counselor and president.

We attend the temple regularly ever since we were sealed, and I intend to keep my temple recommend current for the rest of my life.  I honor and respect our religion and the members who serve selflessly in their callings.  In short, I love being a Mormon.

 I have a testimony of the divinity of Christ, the prophetic calling of Joseph Smith, and the restoration of the gospel.  I believe we are led by prophets today, and that the bishopric and stake presidency in our stake is full of inspired and righteous men.

Consistent with sacred ordinances, I believe that worthy women in the church hold the same priesthood authority as men, independent of their husbands and/or fathers.

I am a Mormon, and I pray each night that I will live to see the day that my wife and daughter will be set apart to offices in the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood.