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I am a 7th generation member of the church. My Maori ancestors were among the first to join many years ago in New Zealand.

I served an honourable mission and I continue to serve honourably in the church as I have done for many years. I was sealed in the temple to another wonderful RM and we have had 3 children together. I continue to hold a temple recommend.

Aside from the church I own a school that educates prospective Personal Trainers and I perform as the lead singer in a band called Mayan Fox (with my wife, a multi-instrumentalist). Most of the band members are also LDS.

I am a Mormon in the first place simply because that was the lot that I was handed. I grew up in the church. With that said, the reason that I remain a Mormon is a different story. That’s a personal one because gaining a testimony, though we share it, is a personal experience. My personal experience of gaining a testimony is beautiful and sweet. I love the gospel and invite all to participate. The gospel in it’s purity is wonderful. I love teaching my family the gospel. I love teaching my children to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

I also believe in equality. I feel strongly that we have a Heavenly Mother that sits equal to her husband. I believe that my wife has the right to hold the priesthood. I believe that there is a suppression of so many gifts and wonders that could be delivered to the world were the women of the church to be given the right to hold the priesthood.

I pray that our inspired leaders will ruminate on the issue then turn to the Lord to find resolve.

I believe that women should be ordained.