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I grew up in the LDS Church. I went to Seminary all four years, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I was one of the top scripture mastery gurus by the time I was a junior. I loved the Seminary program because I felt like it was all that I had. I loved the church and could never imagine leaving it for any reason.
My father was not a member of the Church before he died but my mother was, and she consistently took all of her three children to church every Sunday. I can safely say that my mother had a hard time raising her children. She was unaware of priesthood blessings because she was a convert and nobody told her about them. When I grew up, I found out from my executive secretary at the time that women were not allowed to be called into that position. I was pretty surprised and wondered to myself, ‘Why?’
When I first heard about the Ordain Women movement, it did not have much appeal to me (although I was never against it), since women in the Church have learned we should not want the priesthood. However, after thinking for some time about the pros and cons of giving women permission to serve in the highest places (i.e., ordaining women), I concluded that there were more pros than cons for women’s ordination. In fact, I’m not sure if there are any cons at all except for the fact that it might create a disturbance. I attended the Ordain Women panel that we had at my university this past spring semester, and I felt my heart completely on the side of the ‘for’ the ordination of women. And even from the first day I heard about it, I felt a longing in my heart to become a part of it. But I waited for fear somebody would see and somebody would ridicule me. However, I am submitting a profile now and I proudly proclaim:
I believe women should be ordained.