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Born and raised in a small town in Utah, to parents of pioneer stock, I raised lambs and calves, cooked, sewed, crocheted and learned the gospel from my family and the loving community around me. I’ve been a gospel doctrine teacher, served in RS presidencies, and–my favorite calling–family history consultant. I learned love and concern for others that have influenced me in my career as a teacher and speech pathologist. I also gained a respect for education that led to two master’s degrees related to my field.

In my current work, I’m responsible for diagnosing and treating complex language disorders in children as well as managing complex legal issues involved in their educational planning. Some of my coworkers are female, some male, and we work collaboratively. But at church, my contributions are always overseen by a man, and will always be unless and until women are ordained. Our current system is belittling to both men and women, because men are told they are not as spiritual as women and, therefore, need the priesthood, and women are denied the full autonomy and spiritual authority that men gain from the priesthood. I’m a Mormon and I believe women should be ordained.