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Hi I’m Rachael, I’m a semi-active LDS wife and mother, a returned missionary, a BYU and Oxford graduate, and an author. I have been LDS since age 10 when I took the discussions with my family and felt a strong impression from the Holy Ghost that it was truth.

While at BYU I experienced a peak crisis with regard to the role of women in Heavenly Father’s Kingdom, and I prayed daily for over a year. My life changed dramatically and I began to have experiences that enlarged my perspective. I learned that Priestesses existed in early forms of Christianity, and that there is evidence that the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene were Priestesses. My interests led me to Oxford University, where I studied ancient Tibet and Ireland, shamanism, and modern forms of paganism. I found much beauty and deep, healing inspiration in environments where women had prominent authoritative spiritual roles. I also I began to imagine and hope for a day when the LDS Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods would be once more available to women, as the Holy Ghost has whispered in my heart that this was the case in the ancient past.

If women are given the Priesthood then my family will experience some healing, as they too have struggled with LDS gender inequality. This would also help my husband, a recent convert, who feels reluctant to fully embrace the LDS Church so long as women are not given the Priesthood. I also wish to immerse my son in a spiritual environment where women and men are truly equal.

I have a deep love for my LDS Sisters, and we should be allowed to fully realize our divine potential, as Heavenly Father intends. I know in my heart that women should be ordained.