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I’m Rachel. I am an returned missionary, a true aggie, a daughter, a sister, a best friend, and a favorite aunt. In the Church, I have been a missionary, a gospel doctrine teacher, a relief society teacher and a sunbeam teacher (which was by far the most profound and inspiring). I have always thirsted to know more about the gospel and have delved into the scriptures often for learning and comfort. I am without a doubt a product of my parents, who taught me to love the gospel of Jesus Christ and stand up for what I believe, especially when it is hard. They also emphasized having understanding for those that feel differently and encouraged me to be patient.

In Matthew 15, a woman of Canaan comes to ask the Savior for help to heal her daughter. He doesn’t respond but she persists. The disciples beg Him to send her away because she won’t stop asking. He tells her He wasn’t sent for her. In her response, she is humble yet persistent, saying “even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the master’s table”. Christ is so moved by her faith that He says “Oh woman, great is thy faith. Be it unto thee even as though wilt” and her daughter was made whole. I believe that OW is much like the woman of Canaan, who must persevere until their petition is truly heard and understood.

I am convinced through my study of the gospel, my attendance at the temple and by witnessing the amazing women that are growing up in the church that our Heavenly Parents desire all their children to receive the priesthood and to minister in love one to another. There is strong evidence that women employed the priesthood to administer blessing of healing and comfort at the time of the restoration. Brother Joseph called the Relief Society a “society of priests”. There were women judges in Israel, and a woman apostle, as well as countless women disciples and preachers. Women aren’t just neat, or important or amazing. They are vital to the church and should be included at every level of church administration. I also want my nieces to grow up knowing that their leadership is vital and their opinions are as worthy and important to the governance and mission of the church as anyone’s.

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I believe women should be ordained